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Addiction Has Teeth

While wisdom teeth are a leftover oddity from our days as a stick-gathering, reed-chewing people who needed back-ups for their teeth, today, they continue...

Walmart Institutes New Limits for Prescription Opioids

On May 7, Walmart announced that it would be instituting new company-wide limitations on prescription opioids. According to the press release published on the retail...

Addiction Treatment in Lincoln Supplemented by New Bill

Government officials in Lincoln passed a new law outlining prevention measures to curb opioid prescription misuse in an effort to assist addiction treatment. In April,...

Drug Treatment Centers in Modesto Need Additional Services

Government officials are in favor of expanding drug treatment centers that offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services for residents of Modesto and the rest of...

Drug Rehab Centers in Birmingham Supplement Programs with Yoga

Birmingham, Alabama drug rehab centers are offering adjunct therapy to supplement drug detox to patients and prevent drug relapse. One of the most popular...

Proposed Illinois Law Requires ID for Opioid Prescriptions

A bill proposed by a Republican congressman would require people provide a valid ID for opioid prescriptions in the state of Illinois. The bill, HR...

FDA’s Gottlieb Suggests Corporate-Sponsored Prescription Opioid Monitoring

The Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Scott Gottlieb, made remarks at a public workshop that suggested drug manufacturers and sellers might be required to...

Four Arizona Doctors Prescribed Nearly 6 Million Opioids in a Year

Over the course of twelve months, four Arizona doctors prescribed nearly 6 million opioid pills with the highest-prescribing doctor writing more than 20,000 prescriptions,...

Researchers Pinpoint Prescription Abuse Using Twitter

A report published in the American Journal of Toxicology details how medical researchers are searching for users on Twitter who are engaging in prescription...

Online tool exposes doctors’ big pharma connections

A new online tool allows people to search for payments made by pharmaceutical and medical device companies to American physicians. The Dollars for Docs database...
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