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Officer Caught Smuggling Drugs into Jail

In Fulton County, Ga., a corrections officer was arrested for smuggling meth, weed, and other substances into jail. Officer Adonis Lovejoy had been working...

Maine Police Mistake Human Remains for Heroin

  After arriving at the scene of a car accident, Maine police located two clear plastic bags filled with cremated human remains in the glove...

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Seizes $8M of Cocaine

On Friday, March 23, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced that they had seized over $8 million worth of cocaine from an underground bunker...

New York First Responders Use App to Map ODs

A new cell phone application to map opioid overdoses in real-time has been unveiled by the Nassau County Police Department. Officials hope technology can...

Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Providing Protection for Drug Dealers

A Los Angeles County deputy sheriff was one of four men arrested on federal charges alleging they provided protection for drug dealers during the delivery...
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