contribution to the field of addiction science. Jellinek penned a series of ‘Lay Supplements’ — accessible pamphlets that explained the nature of alcoholism to a general audience and allowed his likeness to be featured in an education cartoon produced by the World Health Organization.

In addition, the accomplishments he made during his career continue to help inform the public about the nature of alcoholism. He was responsible for spearheading the indexing and abstracting work necessary to create the Classified Abstract Archive of the Alcohol Literature (CAAAL), the first ever database of scholarly work on alcoholism, which helped bolster understanding. His book the Disease Concept of Alcoholism, published in 1960, was instrumental in disseminating the disease model of addiction to the public.

Jellinek believed that in the fight against addiction, education afforded invaluable protection and his work continues to provide essential information about substance abuse to the public.


The Jellinek Curve and its contribution to understanding alcoholism
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The Jellinek Curve and its contribution to understanding alcoholism
Although the name E.M. Jellinek might be unfamiliar, the changes he brought to the field of addiction studies are. From the 1930s until his death in 1963, Dr. Jellinek worked laboriously to learn more about alcoholism, addiction and mental health. While his contributions to the understanding of substance abuse continue to influence the field today, perhaps his most enduring legacy comes from his extensive efforts to educate the public on the true nature of addiction.
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