Women at risk as opioid use hospital visit numbers surge

emergency department visits, while the average age for opioid-related hospitalizations varies greatly from state to state.

“While none of these data are very encouraging, it is critical to have a better idea of why women are being hospitalized more than men, or why 25-44 year-olds are visiting the emergency department more than other age groups,” Elixhauser said. “This is especially true since we have 2015 and 2016 data for many states in the database, and we are continuing to see the trend line for hospitalizations and emergency department visits going up.”

Researchers from the AHRQ will continue to analyze the data and plan to release further statistical briefs on drug-related hospital stays and emergency department visits.

“This allows the Department of Health and Human Services, other agencies, policymakers, and frontline providers to best define the challenge, and ultimately begin to measure how opioid addiction treatment and reduction efforts are working,” Elixhauser added.

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Women at risk as opioid use hospital visit numbers surge
The number of women hospitalized due to opioid use — including painkillers and heroin — has skyrocketed in the last ten years.
Dave Lambert
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