Drug Treatment in Jacksonville Gains Funding

of the drug treatment center by applying the resources as part of the MOA. They also get to choose a qualified provider to operate the center and then hire one person who will manage the site.  

Richard Woodruff, the city manager of Jacksonville, said that many have questioned the involvement of agencies and associates outside Onslow County since those affiliates are not in Florida.

He stated that with Trillium as part of the group, it enables the local residents to be seen at the drug treatment center and that it allowed them to financially contribute and utilize the resources if they needed to.

Woodruff said that this will not completely resolve the mental health or substance abuse crisis in the community, but it’s a huge step forward by the local representatives in showing commitment to addressing this need.

Councilman Jerry Bittner said that the Jacksonville Police Department typically spends hundreds of hours trying to assist people suffering from drug addiction and place them into drug treatment facilities but now they will have more options for helping them.

Michael Lazzara, a councilman, stated that great progress has been made and he hopes it becomes an example of how other communities can combat the problem on local levels.

Woodruff said that the next step of the development involves constructing and renovating the building through Trillium.

Drug Treatment in Jacksonville Gains Funding
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Drug Treatment in Jacksonville Gains Funding
New funding will make additional drug treatment options available in Jacksonville, Florida.
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