Drug Addiction Recovery in Pueblo to be Offered by Rescue Mission

can either be walk-ins or get referred to the program by the El Paso County justice or parole systems. They can stay for up to 18 months, although most stay for a year on average. Case managers work closely with each person to determine the best course of treatment.

Taking a holistic approach to addiction recovery, the New Life Program is Christian-based and also offers patients resources to help them reintegrate into society, hold steady jobs, and form strong relationships with community members.

Siebersma explained that a typical day starts with some community time, devotional time, and different types of classes — Bible, anger management, relapse prevention, and parenting classes. The groups then break up to work on developing academic and professional job skills. In the evening, the Mission offers 12-step groups and other services.

Jaramillo said the Pueblo Rescue Mission is trying to raise $400,000 for the new location.

“We have to raise about $400,000 to keep our doors open,” she said. “We actually seek out government grants, we seek out foundation grants. We have a mailing list of regular donors. We send out a monthly plea—that represents about 60 percent of our funding.”

Tentatively, Jaramillo is arranging to hold fundraising events during summer and winter. Raised monies will go toward the addiction treatment program, extending shelter program hours in the winter and distributing ‘street survival bags.’ She said she looks forward to further partnering with local businesses and organizations to serve the homeless population and those in need of addiction treatment.

“Providing restoration and hope again — to individuals, families and communities — is very important to us,” Siebersma concluded.

Drug Addiction Recovery in Pueblo to be Offered by Rescue Mission
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Drug Addiction Recovery in Pueblo to be Offered by Rescue Mission
The Pueblo Rescue Mission plans to provide a residential addiction recovery. Currently, patients are being referred to sister program.
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