Addiction Treatment Programs in Las Vegas Expand

Las Vegas boosts efforts to promote drug abuse prevention

Las Vegas has seen a sharp increase in figures related to drug and alcohol addiction in recent years. Thus, authorities have decided to turn their attention to expanding addiction treatment programs as well as initiatives that promote drug abuse prevention.

Local members of law enforcement, addiction specialists, and healthcare professionals who have been working with recovery patients are now coming together to push different initiatives to curb the number of people affected by drug abuse.

Last month, Nevada’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health published a press release announcing that an ‘overdose reporting’ — aimed at reducing substance abuse linked specifically to opioids in the entire state — has been made effective and will remain effective for 120 days. After the two-month period, the official regulations are expected to be finalized and released to the public.

The regulations will allow employers, health care providers, and businesses to have a structured way to report drug overdoses that have been clinically confirmed in addition to suspicions they may have regarding an overdose.

At the same time that the state is aiming to improve addiction treatment, representatives are looking to prioritize the safety of the patients who are already receiving help in an inpatient drug detox center or are participating in an outpatient substance abuse recovery program.

Needle exchange programs have been implemented in the area for more than a year now and other harm-reduction efforts, such as first-response training sessions with addiction specialists and substance abuse treatment providers, are becoming more prominent in the county.

These initiatives may be of crucial importance for Las Vegas considering how frequently drug overdoses are occurring.

According to statements made by members of the Las Vegas Fire Department, they handle roughly 15 cases of drug overdoses during each typical day.

 (Not so safe) alternative ways to treat addiction  

In Las Vegas, certain mind-altering substances, such as the Asian herb Kratom, are easily available for sale in tobacco or coffee shops as well as natural grocery and vitamin stores. Considering the substance has allegedly been able to assist some people who had a pre-existing chemical dependency, many people enrolled in local drug addiction treatment programs are choosing to give Kratom a try.

The problem is that all toxic substances can potentially be abused and the risk for misuse is particularly high when it comes to those who already have a history of addiction or who fail to seek appropriate medical recommendation before adding drugs to a treatment plan.

Numerous addiction specialists have emphasized that even behaviors can have an impact on the balance of a substance abuse treatment plan. For instance, some professionals recommend abstinence to their patients while others suggest dietary changes, which highlights that seeking proper medical assistance before using any drug in treatment is essential.

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