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Behavior Health Programs (or BHP’s) are based on the idea “A good program is one that works”. And the best way to do this is by identifying addressing and correcting behavior problems. In the case of behavioral problems this means making sure that an individual knows how to express himself properly in public how to recognize appropriate behavior what the appropriate reaction is to a situation and so on. The goal is to build self-esteem and confidence which are necessary for success and happiness. A program will often focus on a particular problem area.

One approach to health behavior programs is through therapy. Therapists use several different types of techniques to work with people who have a range of behavioral problems and who are unable to work out their issues on their own. One type of technique is to use cognitive behavioral therapy which is also referred to as CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help clients learn to change negative thoughts into more positive ones. Another kind of therapy is known as behavioral substitution therapy which allows patients to substitute bad behaviors for good ones.

While behavior health programs are not a cure-all they can be very effective in the treatment of some behavior problems. This is especially true of children. Some schools and other institutions have begun to implement behavior health programs in order to improve the performance of students and reduce the likelihood of students developing behavioral problems. One of the most common types of behavior health programs is known as Positive Behavior Supports. This involves allowing a child with a behavior problem to participate in an approved extracurricular activity for example and then rewarding that activity. Using this method many children learn to be more involved in their classes and develop a stronger sense of responsibility towards themselves and others.

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