San Carlos Apache Tribe San Carlos Apache Wellness Center - Tucson AZ 85748

1020 South Harrison Road Tucson AZ 85748

The San Carlos Apache Tribe is an indigenous tribe of the Arizona Native American group. They live on the Santo Domingo Reservation in San Carlos, Arizona. The name is from their original native name that translates to “big rock”. It is a good place to visit if you want to know more about the history and culture of the San Carlos Apache.

The wellness center is called the San Carlos Apache Wellness Center. They have five health centers that cater to different needs of their clients. They also have a home for children to be while they are being treated. Some of the activities that they offer are horseback riding, hiking, yoga classes and even canoeing. There are also a few things they do to educate the community and promote healing among people. For example, they offer classes such as healing arts, yoga, and music therapy. They also conduct research on healing and other methods of treatment.

The wellness center is located near the Santo Domingo Indian Reservation and was created for the benefit of the community. They offer all types of services and they are all free of charge. The health center also offers many different types of programs to promote healing among people. This way, the community is able to find out how to cure sickness and feel better because of it.

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