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As a nurse practitioner who treats psychiatric disorders and is an experienced mental health professional I work in the field of mental health care where people from all walks of life are often affected by mental illness. In Nogales Arizona I am surrounded by a population of people who are in need of assistance with their mental illnesses. As a nurse practitioner my job is to make sure they receive mental health services that provide them with the assistance they need to deal with their mental illness. When people come into my clinic to seek mental health treatment I always ask what type of treatment is needed for them before prescribing any medications or treating them with psychiatric drugs. I also have to have a plan of care established before I can begin prescribing psychotherapy and other forms of counseling. For example if my client comes in complaining of being depressed and wanting some type of treatment I will ask them if they have any medications to help them cope.

Psychologist nurses in Nogales Arizona or psychotherapist nurses usually have a master’s degree in mental health nursing (MSN) and years of experience working in a mental health setting (NHS rehab etc.) Psychotherapist nurses are able to diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders and prescribe medication for people who are struggling with mental illness. However psychotherapy is more effective than medication at curing mental disorders. A good psychotherapist is someone who understands the client’s personality traits and is able to identify their problem areas and work with the client to overcome those issues. When clients come to me for help with their mental illnesses I do not give them any medication unless they specifically ask for it. I prefer to find out as much about the person as possible before I prescribe any type of psychotherapy or counseling.

If you need help with your mental health you can find it in Nogales Arizona. It’s a small town of about 65000 people in southwestern Arizona but with a great variety of mental hospitals located nearby and close proximity to the University of Arizona State University. You can also find some amazing programs that help people recover from addiction and stop drinking and smoking.

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