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The Haddon House in London is a great place to have a business meeting. If you were ever invited to have a meeting in the home of one of England’s most famous politicians then you would know that it is a very important place. That’s because John Major was a great supporter of businesses and therefore when he was first elected Prime Minister he built the Haddon House to help with the economic recovery. The fact that the building is still there now is a testimony to the work that the prime minister did. But even before that the Haddon House was designed to serve as a business venue for various businessmen.

It wasn’t just politicians who used this great house for their business event though. There are records that show that King George VI also had his first meeting at this place. He met there with his attorney Lord Beaverbrook and several other members of the royal family. Queen Victoria had her meetings there as well. In fact the queen was a regular visitor to the house and took a lot of interest in all of its different features.

Nowadays the Haddon House is a business venue because it is the official conference venue for the London International Trade Fair. And the good thing is that it’s one of the best venues in the world. There are so many different features and facilities that this amazing house offers that it has become one of the most sought after places for business meetings. And since it’s one of the largest conference centres in the city it will give you all the facilities and entertainment that you need.

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