Youth Bridge Inc - Rogers AR 72756

1200 West Walnut Street Rogers AR 72756

Youth Bridge Inc. in Rogers Arkansas is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-cost education opportunities to children and young adults who have been victims of domestic violence. It provides scholarships for college students technical assistance job placement assistance and educational seminars that educate youth on how to prevent domestic violence from taking over their lives. Youth Bridge works with local schools in order to provide training and support services to children who have experienced abuse in the family. It also provides educational opportunities and summer jobs to help pay the costs of tuition.

Many children and teens have been abused at some point in their lives and some have not been physically injured but have been emotionally hurt as well. This has resulted in children developing negative behaviors that they would not otherwise have developed without this trauma. These children are sometimes unsure where to turn for help and when they are placed with Youth Bridge Inc. in Rogers AR they have a chance to get the help they need.

Most children who go through a situation of abuse will never be able to work again. They can have difficulty with school can be in and out of trouble with their peers and can become fearful of going outside or interacting with other people in the community. By working with Youth Bridge Inc. in Rogers AR these children are given an opportunity to turn their situation around by receiving the skills and the education they need to become productive and successful adults. Many children come to Youth Bridge with traumatic memories negative feelings and behaviors and many do not feel safe at all. The organization provides them with a safe place to come together and learn how to rebuild their lives.

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