Ohio Drug Use and Pregnancy Laws

Drug Use During Pregnancy Laws in Ohio

Though drug use during pregnancy is highly frowned upon, it is a frequent occurrence where women continue their substance abuse while pregnant. Each state has different laws when dealing with pregnant women who continue to use. Here are some Ohio laws regarding drug use during pregnancy.

Is substance abuse a crime during pregnancy?

In Ohio, substance abuse during pregnancy is not considered a crime. When the mother is suspected of engaging in substance abuse, it is required to be reported and treatment programs are specialized for pregnant women.

Have women been prosecuted for drug abuse during pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant women in Ohio have been prosecuted for drug abuse during pregnancy.

Ohio Drug Use During Pregnancy Laws
Ohio Drug Use During Pregnancy Laws

Is substance abuse during pregnancy considered child abuse?

In Ohio, substance abuse during pregnancy is not considered child abuse.

Is it grounds for civil commitment for substance abuse during pregnancy?

Substance abuse during pregnancy is not grounds for civil commitment in Ohio.

Will health care workers have to report substance abuse during pregnancy?

Although there is no specific law in Ohio mandating it, it is not uncommon for health care workers to report substance abuse during pregnancy.

Is a drug test required if drug use has been suspected during pregnancy?

No, a drug test is not required if drug use has been suspected during pregnancy.

Court Findings

You won’t necessarily be prosecuted for substance abuse while pregnant according to Ohio laws on drug use during pregnancy. However, it doesn’t mean that it never happens — it does, but a 1992 law states it can’t be for child endangerment. As a matter of fact, as an expectant mother, you’ll be asked to undergo drug testing. If you don’t, the baby will be tested upon birth. If you test positive at the birth of your baby, it does not automatically mean the baby will be taken. There must be other indicators of potential abuse. This is when partaking in the drug testing program would be beneficial because if it’s only one positive test, there is less risk for you, especially if you agree to undergo treatment.

Pregnancy and Substance Abuse

Pregnancy and Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can lead to many problems even in the best of situations. However, when you couple addiction and pregnancy, there are many more problems because it’s not just your life at stake — it’s your baby’s too. Yet, it’s also recognized that it can be hard to quit and, if you’re pregnant, chances are, you’ve got to quit cold turkey, which makes it even harder. There are options for help, though. It would be a good idea to take advantage of them so that you and your baby can have a healthy life together.

Drug use and pregnancy laws in Ohio
Drug use and pregnancy laws in Ohio

Effects of Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Substance abuse doesn’t just affect your physical and mental health, it can also significantly harm your baby. This is mostly because of the placenta and the fact that drugs can pass through it to your baby. Drug use — even legal drug use — can lead to significant problems, such as an increased risk of stillbirth by up to two times higher in most cases. If you’ve been using, there’s also a chance your baby will be born addicted. If you’ve tried to stop using, you’ve likely been through withdrawal. If you continue to engage in substance abuse during pregnancy, your baby will go through withdrawal after birth. There can also be long-term effects, such as birth defects, premature birth, or sudden infant death syndrome. This last one is notable because mothers that continued to drink or use tobacco while pregnant had a twelve times higher risk of their baby dying as a result of sudden infant death syndrome.

Substance abuse is a significant problem in today’s society. Using while pregnant leads to many more complications, not only for you, but also for your baby. There are multiple opportunities to get help so that you and your baby have the best opportunity for success.