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Drug abuse and addiction is not restricted to one segment of society. There are people of all ages and economic sectors that deal with this problem on a daily basis. Research has shown that almost 90% of people who need therapy for drug abuse are not treated each year. The question is why does this occur? Many drug abusers have the wrong ideas about an addiction recovery facility, as there are many misconceptions about how our programs work.

At our Duluth, Georgia addiction treatment clinic, we want to change the stereotypes associated with drug rehab. We are staffed by licensed professionals, including therapists and counselors, some of whom are in recovery themselves. We have created a well-researched and proven program to help clients and their families overcome the addictions that are controlling their lives.

After a client checks into our Duluth, Georgia drug rehab clinic, we use a step by step approach that is tailored to fit your needs. Drugs are chemicals that change how your brain works. Neurotransmitters in the brain react to the drugs negatively and it takes a detoxification process to purge the remnants of substance abuse from the body. Our addiction recovery center provides a safe place for clients to detoxify while being monitored and supported by our caring staff.

Another consideration for attending our Duluth, Georgia substance abuse treatment facility is the privacy afforded to our clients. Our therapists and counselors provide complete confidentiality and privacy for the clients they serve. Those who are dealing with a drug addiction often fear their employers or others discovering their situation, but we ensure complete privacy.

Therapies at our facilities also include dual treatments that target physical and emotional needs. Nutrition plans and healthy living strategies are an essential part of any treatment regimen. We have experts in these fields to support and teach clients how to make positive changes in their daily lives.

Our addiction treatment center also provides treatment and counseling for the entire family. An entire family is often impacted by one member dealing with drug dependency. Our professionals include family members in family therapy to ensure success. Cognitive therapy, as well as practical life skills, are part of our program of dual treatment.

Once a client leaves our Duluth, Georgia drug rehab center, they are not alone in their goal to remain free of drug dependency. Aftercare is an important part of our treatment program. Clients receive the benefit of continued counseling and support from mentors and other clients. Check-in calls and transitional help is also provided to help the client find a smooth re-entry into their everyday life. It is the support offered at this critical time that often makes the difference between clients succeeding or falling back into the drug abuse pattern. There must be help for clients on an ongoing basis.

So, as you can see, our drug rehab clinic in Duluth, Georgia offers a solution to those who are dealing with drug abuse and dependency. There is every reason to contact us and let us become a partner in your recovery starting today.

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