Germantown Drug Rehab Center to Welcome Global Survey Team

Germantown Drug Rehab Center to Welcome Global Survey Team

A drug rehab center in Germantown, Maryland will be welcoming a global survey team next week to evaluate how the facility meets international standards of care.

The drug rehab center, BornFree Wellness Centers of America, provides private outpatient addiction treatment services and aims to lead innovative practices in the industry.

For patients struggling with opioid use disorders, BornFree Wellness Centers of America offers medication-assisted treatment programs that feature all of the evidence-based therapies that are currently prioritized by addiction specialists in the country, from methadone and buprenorphine to Suboxone.

The drug rehab center also features a staff of professionals and clinicians who are trained to address patients’ needs on a psychological, social and spiritual level.

The surveys will be administered by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International — a nonprofit, independent organization that officially recognizes the quality of treatment offered by providers in the fields of behavioral health, community, medical rehab as well as equipment such as orthotics and prosthetics.

The CARF International has accredited more than 7,000 service providers and more than 55,000 programs established throughout over 26,000 regions in Europe, Oceania, Asia as well as North and South America.

Back in 2011, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration announced that CARF International had received an approval to accredit opioid addiction treatment providers offering inpatient and outpatient programs as well as detox services across the country. Since then, CARF International provides accreditation to several different types of opioid use disorder treatment programs — detox, primary care, both outpatient and inpatient programs, and even court-mandated programs.

The assessments that will occur in the upcoming visit to Germantown will allow BornFree Wellness Centers of America to either earn an accreditation from the CARF International or continue its accreditation.

The surveys will aim to evaluate the progress made in recent years by the addiction treatment center and outline the areas that could be improved as well as specific ways for any potential improvement to be made.

The team of surveyors will conduct interviews with the people who have received services for different substance use disorders at the drug rehab center as well as the members of the staff and any other person they deem to be relevant to the assessment.

The respondents will be asked questions about the services they have received at the facility; the type of information they were provided with prior to receiving services, and how well they were able to communicate with the addiction treatment providers.

Some of the other questions that are expected to be asked will revolve around whether or not the interviewees deem the drug rehab center to be a safe environment and if they feel that they were treated with respect by the people they have interacted with at the center.

The CARF International team will visit the drug rehab center on Monday, August 20. The surveys and evaluations are expected to be concluded within two days.