New US Surgeon General pledges to take on the opioid epidemic

opioid-based substances and dangerous activities.

In the same occasion, he added that “we need to create an outlet for those seeking recovery from substance use disorder,” in order to combat the multifaceted opioid epidemic. 

Also in 2015, while Adams served as the Indiana health commissioner, he faced the problematic consequences of opioid use after 219 people in the state were diagnosed HIV positive after they had injected Opana — an opioid painkiller that has recently been linked to so many risks related to abuse that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has formally requested its removal from the market.

In addition to promoting awareness about substance use disorders and addiction treatment, Adams also pledged a commitment to present the best scientific evidence in all external health care endeavors and internal policy debates that take place during his four-year term as U.S. surgeon general.