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Be Best Campaign Focuses on Opioid Abuse; Other Things

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump announced the Be Best campaign on May 7, stating that the program would encourage children to...

Overdose Deaths Surge; CDC Report Blames Fentanyl

  The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a report last week that revealed a 21% increase in the number of overdose deaths...

Trump Tweet Announces Temp Opioid Memorial

On Tuesday, March 27, Donald Trump tweeted that he was “very pleased” to announce that a temporary memorial to victims of the opioid crisis...

Trump Supports Addiction Vaccine in New Hampshire Speech

In a speech delivered in New Hampshire, Donald Trump announced his support for an addiction vaccine to help combat the ongoing opioid crisis in...

Sessions Assigns Additional Agents to Online Opioid Patrol

United States Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III announced that a new team would be created to help the FBI expand its online opioid...

Conway to Manage White House Opioid Crisis Strategy

During a press conference on Wednesday, November 29, it was announced that Kellyanne Conway will be serving as point person for the White House...

Opioid Withdrawal Device Approved by FDA

The FDA has approved an opioid withdrawal device made by Innovative Health Solutions, a company based in Southern Indiana. The device, called the NSS-2 Bridge...

Trump Appoints Ex-Pharma Exec as Replacement HHS Secretary

On Monday, Donald Trump announced via twitter that Alex Azar, the former head of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, is to serve as replacement Secretary...

Before Trump Visit, China Denies Responsibility for Fentanyl

  On Friday, November 3, a Chinese official denied the country bore complete responsibility for fentanyl in the United States. The statement was made during a...

Anti-drug Ads to be Administration’s “Most Important Thing”

According to remarks given by Donald Trump at the White House on October 26, the “most important thing” the Trump Administration will do in...
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