Springfield Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Building a Foundation for Your Recovery Begins With Our Addiction Treatment Center

Breaking the grip of drug addiction can be one of the most daunting challenges anyone will face in their lifetime. Trusting the professional services available at our licensed drug rehab clinic should be a priority. Our Springfield, Tennessee addiction recovery facility can help you build a solid foundation to overcome the trials of addiction.


The physical and psychological ramifications of coming off drugs can be dangerous. To ensure that the process of detox, which involves purging the body of any damaging remnants left behind in the wake of prolonged substance abuse, is as safe as possible, supervised detox is recommended. At our Springfield, Tennessee substance abuse treatment facility, the detox period can be supervised by an experienced professional.

At our Springfield, Tennessee addiction treatment clinic, you will receive professional care to safely wean you off drugs. This is the essential first step in your road to recovery. Counselors and addiction professionals working at our drug rehab center can help you through those challenging first few days.

Mental Health Answers

The experts at our Springfield, Tennessee addiction treatment center will take time to work with each client to ensure that any co-occurring mental health condition is diagnosed. In the event that a client is struggling with a co-occurring disorder, we will use dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis can be a critical aspect of successful recovery when a client struggles with a co-occurring disorder.

Community & Fellowship

At our Springfield, Tennessee drug treatment center, we offers a safe and nurturing community that can help you work toward recovery. At our addiction recovery center, we foster an environment in which you can feel secure. We will make sure you have access to the support you need around the clock.

We also offer a chance to take part in group therapy sessions. During group therapy sessions, you’ll get the opportunity to meet with your peers in our Springfield, Tennessee drug rehab clinic. During these sessions, you’ll be able to share your experiences and wisdom. This will provide you with the opportunity to benefit from the support of your peers, as well as to provide your support to others.

Admitting you may have a problem is the first step toward for recovery. When you’re ready to take the next step toward recovery, get in touch with our Springfield, Tennessee substance abuse treatment facility. Our friendly and well-trained staff is prepared to answer any questions you may have about recovery in general, as well as specific questions regarding our addiction recovery program.

When you join us at our Springfield, Tennessee drug detox clinic, you can safely detox, receive treatment for any co-occurring mental health conditions, and begin to build a foundation for lifelong recovery. Drug addiction is not a sickness to be taken lightly, and at our drug rehab clinic, we can provide you with the serious support you require. Contact us now and we’ll provide you with the substance abuse recovery treatment you need.

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