Terre Haute Opioid Addiction Treatment Program Leads State Initiative

Terre Haute Opioid Addiction Treatment Program Leading State Initiative

To address the local effects of the opioid epidemic, Indiana officials recently announced the establishment of a handful of new rehab centers across the state and the leading opioid addiction treatment program is located in Terre Haute.

The new opioid addiction treatment program opened just last month but it has already been considered a success and has continued to receive an outstanding response from the public.

More than 100 Terre Haute community members have benefited from the services the new opioid addiction treatment program offers.

The new facility, Western Indiana Recovery Services, features a staff of medical professionals such as nurses and counselors that focus on multipronged programs.

The representatives of the facility explained that their opioid addiction treatment program includes three parts. The patients will first receive methadone to help them go through the phase where they may experience the physical symptoms of the withdrawing from the opioids. The patients will then spent one-on-one time with a counselor. And the last part of the program is cognitive behavioral therapy.

According to authorities, the approach is not only new in the area but also proven to be successful.

The other four addiction treatment centers will be located across Lafayette, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, and Greenwood.

According to the representatives of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, the five new addiction treatment centers will be added to a list of 14 facilities that already have been serving the residents of the state who have an opioid use disorder by providing them with medication-assisted treatment.

But the representatives explained that’s not all that state officials wish to do for the community. They also hope to expand access to the addiction treatment services that are available and will soon become available. And there are efforts already making progress.

By the beginning of August, the majority of the people who are insured through the state’s Medicaid will be able to extend their coverage to enroll in an opioid addiction treatment program and receive services such as medication-assisted treatment.

Public health authorities from the state explained that they need to do more for those members of the community who need assistance because the opioid overdose mortality rate in Indiana has been growing exponentially in recent years.

Other initiatives to combat the opioid epidemic have also been implemented by agencies such as the Indiana State Department of Health. At the beginning of the year, representatives of the department announced that funding would be allocated to the supply first responders across Indiana with opioid overdose reversal kits.

Training sessions were provided to the first responders who received the kits in addition to information on how to refer other members of the community and/or loved ones to the best type of opioid addiction treatment program.

All of the new opioid addiction treatment facilities are expected to be fully equipped and providing assistance to the members of the community within one year.

In addition to these facilities, Indiana Gov. Eric Joseph Holcomb has announced that more addiction treatment centers will be funded in the near future.