Drug Detox Centers in Phoenix Will Become More Regulated

could use Florida’s example when it comes to regulating drug detox and rehab centers — after Florida changed its addiction treatment center regulations to formally account for criminal penalties, numerous cases of prosecution were registered.

A growing problem

Other representatives have highlighted that it is crucial to adopt a comprehensive plan because there are many people are looking to take advantage of the fact that substance use disorders are a growing problem in the state.

Earlier this month, during the 2nd Arizona Opioid Summit, law enforcement officials have stated they estimate that there were about 1,000 deadly drug overdoses and almost 6,000 non-fatal overdoses since the middle of 2017.


The new numbers have prompted Arizona’s governor to sign the Opioid Epidemic Act, which will be allocating millions of dollars to people who are looking but can’t afford to get treatment in local drug detox centers and will also fund other initiatives to curb the number of opioid overdose victims.

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Drug Detox Centers in Phoenix Will Become More Regulated
Drug detox centers and rehabs offering addiction treatment programs in Phoenix, Arizona, might become more regulated and receive more legislative oversight, local lawmakers have announced this month.
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