Center for Brief Psychotherapy - Phoenix AZ 85013

3603 North 7th Avenue Phoenix AZ 85013
(602) 234-1935(602) 234-1935

The Center for Brief Psychotherapy in Phoenix AZ is an excellent center that provides both psychotherapy and counseling services. It was started in 1970 by John D. Brannon, and is located in Mesa. It is an accredited school that offers both graduate and undergraduate programs in both cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy. There are many different types of psychotherapy, including clinical psychology and counseling, developmental, social work, and addiction therapy.

This psychotherapy is designed to help people who are experiencing difficulty coping with mental health issues and other problems related to emotional life, and mental health in general. Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves a series of therapeutic activities designed to change the way that you think, react, and interact with others. The most effective methods involve the use of the four ‘C’s’, such as cognitive restructuring, relaxation training, problem solving exercises, and interpersonal therapy. These four techniques will help you to identify what your issues are and will help you to develop strategies that will assist you in dealing with these issues.

The Center for Brief Psychotherapy is also accredited by the Arizona State Board of Psychology. It also offers several short psychotherapy classes, to help individuals learn more about their personal experiences. In addition, the Center for Brief Psychotherapy has various classes that focus on various aspects of mental health disorders, such as the cognitive-behavioral therapy and the relationship between psychotherapy and medication. In addition to these classes, the Center for Brief Psychotherapy also offers courses in parenting classes, relationship therapy, and social skills and self-improvement classes. The center also offers many online programs and workshops to teach individuals how to use various resources, including various online programs and workshops.

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