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Linderman Herman PhD is a Doctor of Health Education and Technology at the University of Arizona School of Nursing. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on educating nursing students about health care management. Although he has written many books on topics related to nursing, this dissertation will be his first dissertation on nursing management.

The dissertation will cover three chapters: Clinical Practice of Health Care, Principles of Nursing Theory, and Research Methods in Nursing Practice. Dr. Herman is an expert in teaching students about health care education. As such, he knows the importance of preparing students with a well-rounded understanding of the clinical practice of nursing. He has made every chapter of this dissertation a rich learning experience. In the chapter on Clinical Practice, Dr. Herman provides clear descriptions and examples of the practical skills needed to care for patients. He also introduces the concepts of nursing theory, including concepts of care management, care planning, and care management planning. The chapter on Nursing Theory, includes thorough explanations of nursing principles.

Another important part of the dissertation is the research method used in this area of nursing. This chapter explains the various methods used to collect data and compare them with results. These methods include interviews, focus groups, surveys, and case studies. Other research methods include focus groups, research tools, and laboratory studies. Each chapter is divided into two parts: first part is research methods while the second part is a critical review of the research.

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