Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders - Columbiana AL 35051

645 Crenshaw Rd Columbiana AL 35051

Magnolia Creek treatment center for eating disorders is a place where people with eating problems get help and recovery from their eating disorder problem. It is a place where people with eating problems and other addictions can be cured by using psychotherapy medication detoxification therapy or just simple self-help. People with eating disorders are usually not just looking for help to stop the eating disorder but want to get the most out of the treatment and cure. You have to go through treatment and you can either stay at this treatment center until your treatment is complete or you can leave the center and move on with your life but you will find many benefits if you decide to stay.

Magnolia creek treatment center for eating disorders offers a variety of treatment options for patients. The center uses the Intense 12 Step program to provide patients with treatment for all kinds of problems including drug abuse and alcoholism. This treatment program includes 12 stages to cure the person from every kind of mental disease including bulimia nervosa. The Center is also known as a Transitional Housing Program because it provides homes for people with eating problems who may be in danger of losing their homes. Transitional Housing offers several levels of home to people with eating disorders. These stages include detoxification residential treatment outpatient care and daycare. Each stage has its own focus and the goal is to make the patient feel safe comfortable and at home in the community.

Another major benefit of staying at the Magnolia creek treatment center for eating disorders is the fact that they offer a lot of services for children who live at the treatment center. They provide free one-on-one counseling group therapy educational programming group sports and social activities arts and crafts art classes and even cooking classes for children. All children are treated with love and compassion just as they are. The counselors at the treatment center use positive reinforcement and encouragement to help them change bad behaviors. Children are taught how to deal with their emotions how to make good choices and how to handle stress.

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