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Mental Health is the general state of mental health or the degree of mental health or lack thereof. It is one of the many things that is taken into consideration when assessing a person’s mental health in order to determine the state of his or her mental health and to determine whether it needs attention and to what extent. It refers to the condition of a person that is “working at a satisfying level of mental and physical adjustment.” Mental Health refers to the person’s ability to function and perform at the optimum level, to cope with a variety of conditions, and to deal with stress and other factors that may be affecting a person. It involves one’s capacity to respond to different kinds of stimuli. In other words, Mental Health is the ability to function on an everyday basis.

The first thing that should be noted when evaluating a person’s mental health is that it is not necessarily a disease. There are several ways that mental illnesses can affect a person. These include the use of alcohol, drug abuse, exposure to stress, genetics, and other environmental factors. Mental Health is also affected by ones’ diet, lifestyle, as well as mental stimulation, which involve regular exercise, good sleep, and relaxing techniques, like meditation and yoga. These are usually recommended for those who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses.

Another factor that can affect a person’s mental health is if he or she has depression or bipolar disorder. Depression or bipolar disorder is a condition where a person suffers from mood swings. If left untreated, it can become chronic and eventually develop into something serious. Some symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder include feeling helpless, hopeless, restless, irritable, depressed, apathetic, unable to concentrate, hyperactive, or overly irritable. If you believe your loved one has these symptoms, make sure to see him or her to ensure that the symptoms can be treated.

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