Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation in Medford Helps Dads

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation in Medford Helps Dads

A new program in an inpatient drug rehabilitation center to help dads struggling with substance abuse will open this week in Medford, Oregon.

OnTrack Rogue Valley has given inpatient and outpatient treatment for over 40 years for adults and adolescents struggling with substance use disorders. They have several locations throughout Oregon including Medford, Grants Pass, White City, Ashland and Cave Junction.

They have addiction treatment programs for various kind of substance abuse – driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII), domestic abuse alternatives program (DAAP), Teenager Program, Breaking Free Program, Family Connections Program, Little Trackers Children’s Day Care, HIV Prevention, the Mom’s Program and the Dad’s Program.

The Dad’s Program is a residential drug recovery program that serves fathers and their kids. The addiction treatment program gives fathers a chance to reconstruct their lives and become proficient and affectionate parents. The inpatient drug rehabilitation features both individual and group therapy. The program is licensed by the state of Oregon and has 10 residential beds available for their facilities.

Now, OnTrack’s Dad Program is on route to have their inpatient drug rehabilitation reopen in a new remodeled facility, which is considered to be an upgrade from the current location on Franquette Avenue.

Communications Director Eddie Wallace acknowledged that the last few years for this substance abuse treatment program have been tough. He also indicated that his team is optimistic for the future, highlighting that they have an amazing staff.

OnTrack has struggled to keep their inpatient drug rehabilitation centers open over the last couple years. They have been forced to shut down two addiction treatment centers due to inferior housing citations. The Mom’s Program, which initially closed due to health and care risks, reopened in November but the Teen’s Program is still closed.

In 2017, the Dad’s program was cited by the Oregon Health Authority for inadequate, second-rate housing, expired food and other issues. There were also allegedly complaints of threats and physically abusive conduct by the past director.   

OnTrack decided to update the inpatient drug rehabilitation facility before the Dad’s Program could be closed down.

Wallace recounted that the inpatient drug rehabilitation center looked ancient and too undersized. He indicated that some therapy sessions took place in the living room.

The new amenities will include an extra 700 square feet and will be able to acclimatize preschool children. Kids often come with their fathers to the addiction treatment services.

The new inpatient drug rehabilitation center will have a room specifically designed for group and individual therapy that will fit up to 10 fathers and seven children. The substance abuse treatment center is about finished and patients are anticipated to enter the facility by next week.

Initially, residents in the area were concerned about the impending drug rehabilitation center opening in the area. OnTrack’s representatives addressed the concerns and outlined the plan for this treatment center.

OnTrack also hired a new executive director and Wallace indicated this was one of the examples illustrating how the the company was attempting the public’s confidence.