New Rehab Center in Jackson to Focus on Opioid Addiction

New Rehab Center in Jackson to Focus on Opioid Addiction

A new rehab center that will offer long-term addiction treatment services to individuals who have opioid use disorders will be opening in Jackson, Michigan.

The new Jackson County rehab center will be established by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority in collaboration with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Mike Hirst — a Jackson resident who began to mobilize efforts to increase access to addiction treatment and prevention after his son died of a heroin overdose in 2010 when he just 24 years old.

Hirst said that after years of grieving, he learned how to believe that the death of his son Andrew could have a bigger, more meaningful purpose — to help others who are going through similar battles.

The new drug rehab center, called Andy’s Place, will be giving patients who have opioid use disorders the option of enrolling in addiction treatment programs that last either one, two or three months.

Hirst stated that there are several studies and plenty of data that highlight the fact that addiction treatment patients benefit more from longer programs because of how long it takes for their brain chemistry to be reestablished to reach a healthy state.

He also explained that he thinks it is imperative for people to comprehend the psychological and the physiological impacts of the substance use disorder that their loved one is struggling with in order to help that person recover.

“You have a better chance of surviving most cancers,” he stated.

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