Rehab Center in Mantachie Treats Addiction with Combined Techniques

Rehab Center in Mantachie Treats Addiction with Combined Techniques

A recently accredited rehab center located in Mantachie, Mississippi has been offering addiction treatment programs that combine intensive clinical therapy with 12-step immersion services.

The therapists and counselors at the rehab center, Extra Mile Recovery, also have been using an addiction treatment model that focuses on their patients’ psychological, biological, social and spiritual aspects.

“The biological, psychological, social and spiritual model is the model of choice to address all areas that are necessary,” stated Rod Farrar, a licensed professional therapist and a drug and alcohol counselor at Extra Mile Recovery.

Key therapeutic techniques offered by the rehab center include dialectical behavior therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing and cognitive behavioral therapy. The addiction treatment facility also offers anger management services, guided meditation, and life skills training sessions.

The drug rehab center offers residential addiction treatment services solely to males who can be accommodated in 25 rustic log cabins in a 10-acre area.

According to representatives of the center, gender-specific treatment benefits patients because the experience males and females have when recovering from a substance use disorder is “vastly different.”

Although Extra Mile Recovery is a residential rehab center, the patients are able to participate in monthly outings throughout the duration of their programs.

The patients can choose between programs that have different lengths — from one month to three months — and they also have the option of being assisted by a team of professionals who specialize in the treatment of co-occurring disorders.

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