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Doctors Paid By Big Pharma Prescribe More Opioids

A new research letter published in JAMA Internal Medicine, a Journal of the American Medical Association, reveals an association between doctors who received payments...

DEA Suspends Louisiana Company from Opioid Distribution

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that it would be suspending the registration which allowed a Louisiana company to engage in opioid...

Sanders Bill Targets Opioid Manufacturers

On Tuesday, April 17, United States Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that targets opioid manufacturers by leveling fines due to deceptive marketing practices...

Chicago Sues Three Big Pharma Companies

  On Tuesday, March 6, the city of Chicago, Illinois filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the three biggest opioid distributors of fueling the...

Purdue Pharma Discontinues Doctor Marketing

After decades of widespread criticism regarding its marketing practices, big pharma drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma LP has announced that it will no longer advertise...

Montana to Sue Big Pharma Company over Opioid Crisis

The state of Montana will sue Big Pharma company Purdue, maker of prescription opioid OxyContin, over the opioid epidemic, said state Attorney General Tim...

FDA Approves Digital Tracking Sensor for Prescription Pills

A prescription pill that contains a digital tracking sensor has been approved for use by the FDA. The FDA approved Abilify MyCite, the new digital...

Founder of Drug Company Insys Therapeautics Charged with Bribery

John N. Kapoor, founder of Insys Therapeutics--a multibillion dollar drug company that manufactures opioids--is being charged with bribery in a scandal where he led a nationwide campaign...

Online tool exposes doctors’ big pharma connections

A new online tool allows people to search for payments made by pharmaceutical and medical device companies to American physicians. The Dollars for Docs database...

California will soon require public notice on drug price hikes

Pharmaceutical companies selling drugs in California will soon have to notify the public two months ahead of price hikes. Legislation signed into law by...
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