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Addiction Has Teeth

While wisdom teeth are a leftover oddity from our days as a stick-gathering, reed-chewing people who needed back-ups for their teeth, today, they continue...

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Changes Its Name to Shed Its Past

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, a company that has been subject to much controversy over the morality of hiking drug prices for patients who would die...

Walmart Institutes New Limits for Prescription Opioids

On May 7, Walmart announced that it would be instituting new company-wide limitations on prescription opioids. According to the press release published on the retail...

Chicago Dental Association Supports 7-Day Opioid Limit

The American Dental Association (ADA) has announced new guidelines which recommend that dentists avoid prescribing opioid medications when possible, and urges limiting those prescriptions...

Montana Doctor Gets 10 Years for Patient’s Fatal OD

A pain management doctor in western Montana has been convicted and sentenced after two of his patients overdosed on opioid medications he prescribed. Chris Christensen,...

California will soon require public notice on drug price hikes

Pharmaceutical companies selling drugs in California will soon have to notify the public two months ahead of price hikes. Legislation signed into law by...

National drugstore chain becomes the first to limit opioid prescriptions

Drugstores that are a part of the national chain CVS Pharmacy are going to become the first in the country to set a limit...

Opioid prescription numbers for injured workers plummet

The number of painkilling opioids handed out to injured workers in the U.S. has seen a major drop — but remains dangerously high in...
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