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Tag: Sober Living

Sober Living in Lawrenceburg is Focus of City’s First Pride Parade

Last week, the first LGBTQ Pride parade was celebrated in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and the focus of the celebration was sober living. On June 2, around...

Keene Sober Living Home Approved to Open

A couple from Winchester will be opening a new sober living home in Keene, New Hampshire for the residents of Cheshire County. Suzanne and David...

Port Clinton Sober Living Home Raises Funds for Women’s Facility   

This month, a sober living home in Port Clinton, Ohio raised more than $33,000 to open a new recovery residence to help women who...

McKinney Substance Abuse Treatment Center to Provide Housing for Patients

A nonprofit substance abuse treatment center in McKinney, Texas has implemented a project to build a housing community for patients going through treatment services....

Sober Living Home in Minot Offers Support to Women in Recovery

A new sober living home in the city of Minot, North Dakota, is offering support to local women who are recovering from substance use...

Sober Living Homes in Colorado Springs Provide Christian-Based Recovery for Women

A group of Colorado Springs sober living homes welcomes women in need of assistance with addiction recovery. Gospel Homes for Women was founded by Marilyn...

Sober Living Homes in Bergen County Supported by New Regulations

Rutherford and other towns in New Jersey’s Bergen County are expecting to see an increasing number of sober living homes due to new state...

Sober Living Facilities in Tucson Set to Become State Regulated

In a bipartisan effort, Arizona Democrats and Republicans collaborated on a bill that would address the state’s opioid epidemic in addition to regulating existing...

Alcohol Detox In Austin Boosted by New Establishment

Chris Marshall has been an addiction counselor in Austin, Texas focusing on alcohol detox for a decade. Through the years, he saw a trend...
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