Women’s Drug Rehab Center in Rochester Has Official Launch

Women’s Drug Rehab Center in Rochester, MN Has Official Launch

The official inauguration of a drug rehab center for women in Rochester, Minnesota has brought the community together and encouraged their recovery.

The new alcohol and drug rehab center, the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, has been operating since November but the official launch of the addiction treatment facility happened earlier this week when a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held.

Before the official launch of the drug rehab center, 29 women who were struggling with substance use disorders had already been undergoing treatment programs.

During this week’s ceremony, the women who have been receiving addiction treatment at the rehab center took the center stage to talk about their past experiences with substance abuse and to share stories regarding the ways in which the facility has helped them successfully achieve recovery.

“Today is all about celebrating life and the hope and the help that’s available to the women here,” said Tom Truszinski, the director of the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge center during the ceremony. “The facility has long-term and short-term treatment for women all across southeastern Minnesota.”

The drug rehab center can welcome up to 74 patients in 37 double-occupancy rooms. The short-term addiction treatment programs offered at the facility can accommodate 30 women, while 44 women can be enrolled in their long-term programs, which lasts 13 months, at the same time.

Truszinski explained that the short-term programs that are offered at the rehab center are somewhat similar to medical services that are provided in emergency rooms — intended to stabilize the patients

The representatives of the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge explained that there was a great need for a new drug rehab and addiction treatment services for women in the area.

­­­“We would like to think that the drug epidemic is really something in Minneapolis or St. Paul,” Truszinski said. “But the drug epidemic is very evident down here in southeastern Minnesota and Rochester.”

He explained that when the organization opened their first drug rehab center in the area, in 2014, local representatives and law enforcement officials reached out to the members of the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge to say that help specifically for women was needed.

But the need for recovery services transcends gender barriers. According to the representatives… (continue reading)