Fairfield Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are faced with the challenge of overcoming drug addiction, finding the right addiction recovery facility is vitally important. We are a network of drug rehabs called Addiction Now and we help people be successful in their battle with addiction. One of the reasons our track record gets excellent results is the close supervision we provide for our clients as they detoxify from drugs by expelling the toxins from their bodies and minds. At our drug rehab center in Fairfield, California, we take steps towards helping you build a new life free from the grip of drugs.

At our drug treatment facility in Fairfield, we focus on the safety, security and personalized care of our clients. We have created a therapeutic environment that is secure, comfortable and provides each client the specific type of treatment they need for their unique situation with drugs. One of the most important steps in the treatment process is an accurate diagnosis. Our team of highly-qualified, well-trained and experienced professionals understand that providing the right treatment for people with dual diagnosis mental health issues can determine whether or not they have successful outcomes.

Our clients are often dealing with more than one health issue when they enter our Fairfield addiction treatment center. Once the dual diagnoses is identified, we create an individualized program designed to address their specific issues. That program includes detoxifying their systems, individual and group therapy to help them process and address issues and access to a comprehensive aftercare program that helps them maintain their focus moving forward. At our drug rehab clinic in Fairfield, we address the client’s past, present and future to improve their chances of successfully overcoming drug addiction.

One of the reasons the programs our substance abuse treatment facility in Fairfield has been able to help people overcome the addiction is because we offer a safe, comfortable environment where clients can speak openly and honestly about their issues. This is crucial if they are to be able to address and overcome them. We also incorporate programs where clients can help each other face their problems and recover through the support of the group in our Fairfield addiction recovery facility. At Addiction Now treatment clinics we are a supportive community that improves the effectiveness of our programs.

Overcoming addiction is an ongoing process. At our addiction recovery center in Fairfield, California we connect our clients to a network of recovery facilities and give them access to the resources they need as part of their aftercare program. Remaining sober once the client leaves the drug rehab center is the ultimate test of the effectiveness of the program. Our comprehensive aftercare program is an important reason our clients have had such positive outcomes. Our treatment begins as soon as the client enters our addiction recovery center but continues long after they walk out the door.

If you are looking for an effective addiction recovery program in a safe, comfortable addiction treatment center with a history of success, contact Addiction Now today.

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