Alabama Psychiatry - Dothan AL 36305

256 Honeysuckle Rd Suite 3, Dothan, AL 36305

Alabama Psychiatry is one of the main hospitals in the state of Alabama and was established in 1920. The hospital offers a wide range of services to the residents and their families such as inpatient, outpatient, acute care, psychiatric rehabilitation and other mental health services.

Outpatient Treatment: This service provides inpatient care to patients who require more intense care than is available in a hospital setting. It is for patients who require a high level of care who are not responding well to their own medications. Inpatient services can include a variety of services including psychiatric rehabilitation, psychopharmacology, behavioral therapy, substance abuse treatment, geriatric care, acute care, and other mental health services. Inpatient care can include group counseling, group therapies and group activities. Inpatient psychiatric services include the services of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, behavioral health care providers, and other mental health professionals.

Acute Care: This treatment is for patients who are admitted into the hospital on an emergency basis and need immediate and intensive care. Patients who have been admitted for this service are often those who are experiencing psychotic disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder. Acute care may be done at the same time as or after hospitalization but is usually done in a facility with inpatient services. Acute care may include hospital detoxification, psychiatric services, inpatient psychiatric care, psychiatric rehabilitation, and other mental health services. Many times, these patients are in and out of the hospital for several days before being discharged.

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