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The Ruth Street Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center is a non-profit agency dedicated to helping the drug and alcohol addicted in the greater Pittsburgh area. This center is a non-profit agency that does not take federal or state funding. In order to be eligible for treatment you will need to be at least 18 years old. For the most part the treatment centers offer residential or outpatient programs. The residential treatment center offers a variety of different types of treatment depending on the individual’s needs.

Residential treatment centers are for those who have a serious addiction to alcohol or drugs. These individuals will go through the intensive detoxification process and then attend weekly sessions. You will be able to live with your family at the Ruth Street Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center. Your family will be included in all the activities and have a say in what you do during the day. The outpatient treatment center will help those who have an alcohol or drug problem to deal with the stress that their addiction causes in their lives. You can return to school once you are discharged. All residents of the treatment center have access to a 24-hour walk-in clinic which is a place where they can meet with a counselor to discuss their problems.

There are many types of programs offered at the Ruth Street Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center. This includes medication based programs family-based programs outpatient programs and detox programs. Your choices are endless. Whether you are someone who has been looking for a long time to find a treatment facility for your addiction or someone who just needs some assistance this center is the place for you. Take advantage of your treatment options to find the help that you need to stop using drugs and alcohol.


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