Rehab Center in Danvers Aims to Boost Care with New Professionals

Rehab Center in Danvers Aims to Boost Care with New Professionals

A drug and alcohol rehab center located in the town of Danvers, Massachusetts recently brought in new healthcare professionals to be part of their team of experts and boost the quality of care provided to patients.

The addiction treatment facility, Recovery Centers of America, offers rehabilitation and medically-monitored detox services as well as inpatient and outpatient programs that use evidence-based methods to help people with substance use disorders not only in Massachusetts but also through New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Earlier this month, Recovery Centers of America at Danvers brought in the new team members — Christine Turner and Theresa Donovan.

Donovan, who has 10 years of healthcare and legal expertise, joined the rehab center as the new quality manager and is in charge of the center’s compliance and quality control as well as administration and patient care.

Turner has been working in the human and health services industry for more than two decades. She’s been named the new clinical director of the center and is responsible for managing all facets of the facility’s clinical programming and treatment services.

“Having been around for a long time, I have seen a lot of things that work and a lot of things that don’t work,” she said. “I think that one underlying piece that does work throughout my whole career is to be delivering competent and compassionate care to treat people with dignity. I think that has always worked and always will work and I think this organization goes over and above to do that.”

“Here, we recognize that addiction is a brain disease but also treat it as a medical component,” said Laura Ames, the CEO of Recovery Centers of America at Danvers. “So, we are looking at the holistic patient. We get patients who come in with heart diseases, blood pressure issues or respiratory issues and we look at all conditions, the whole patient. Everything from where they live and their families to the medical, emotional and physical components.”

The patients admitted to the 207-bed facility get to be supervised 24/7 by a team of clinicians, psychiatrists, primary therapists, and nurses.

“We provide services that most providers do not, such as family therapy,” Ames said. “We also have an art therapist, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer, for instance.”

Some of the other treatment approaches offered by the rehab center include dialectal behavioral therapy, music therapy, skill-based workshops, meditation, yoga and other spiritual services.

Recovery Centers of America at Danvers / Courtesy of Recovery Centers of America

Although numerous methods of treating substance use disorders are available, people need more access to addiction treatment services considering the impacts drugs like opioids have had in the area.

“The opioid epidemic is at the forefront of everything that we seem to be doing right now,” Turner said. “The consensus of opinions is that we need more beds in Massachusetts for people who are insured and who are not insured. I just value the opportunity to come here and be part of an organization that will open more than 200 beds in the state and free up public beds for other people. I feel like I am going to be a part of a huge solution for this epidemic.”