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National Recovery Month aims to empower families and communities

September is National Recovery Month, an initiative sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to boost awareness and celebrate the...

Addiction crisis committee aims to save lives with new laws

A committee of lawmakers has been created to combat the spiraling opioid crisis by devising regulations that could save lives. A bipartisan group of politicians...

Smoking during addiction treatment: a growing problem

Addiction treatment patients continue to have higher rates of cigarette use than the rest of the general population in the entire world, in spite...

Managing meth withdrawal and detox, new analysis

Methamphetamine withdrawal comes with life-threatening symptoms and can be extremely challenging to patients and physicians. Samantha Wiendels, an M.A. counseling psychology candidate, sought to understand...

Research reveals cocaine could be more addictive than thought

A recent study revealed that those who engage in the recreational use of cocaine could be flirting with addiction more than previously believed. According to...

Year-long sobriety boosts satisfaction with life, brain functions and more

A year-long commitment to sobriety for those who struggle with a polysubstance disorder leads to mental benefits and improved brain functioning, according to a...

Addiction treatment now more popular among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are increasingly seeking addiction treatment, but not all segments of this population are open to treatment, a recent study...

Exploring the adolescent brain to prevent substance use disorders

Researchers sought to help develop effective early prevention and intervention strategies for at-risk adolescents with substance use disorders (SUDs) by focusing on specific brain...
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