His Way - Huntsville AL 35811

582 Shields Rd Huntsville AL 35811

His Way Ministries is a global church ministry that provides hope healing through faith in God’s plan for human life. He has also been called The American Road Church. His Way Ministries was established by Dr. Linda Anderson in 1996 as an international non-denominational and faith-based ministry. He believes that the only way to a fulfilled meaningful life is to be spiritually alive.

His Way ministries have been instrumental in transforming lives of thousands of people throughout the world. Dr. Anderson says We believe that no one can experience the joy of living a fulfilled life without God in the picture. God’s plan is always just around the corner and His blessings are always waiting on us for our obedience. People are drawn to Dr. Anderson and His Way because it is an organization that is not about anything but love and compassion. It works with a special emphasis on the family.

His Way encourages its members to share their stories of struggle triumph and victory. His Way ministers teach that no matter what we are going through or who we are there is hope joy and a life of meaning. His Way ministers understand that it is not the job of a member of His Way to simply preach the Word of God. They believe that the Holy Spirit will work through the ministry to provide guidance encouragement and direction. His Way members know they will be heard when they speak out of love and compassion and they know that they are being listened to.

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