Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program in Bedford Offers Home-Based Services

A drug and alcohol rehab program that offers home-based addiction treatment services has expanded to serve the residents of Bedford, New Hampshire.

The addiction treatment services are offered by Aware Recovery Care, a startup healthcare company founded in Connecticut by Yale University School of Medicine graduates who have dedicated their lives to focus on approaching and treating substance use disorders as chronic diseases.

The home-based drug and alcohol rehab program offered by Aware Recovery Care is built on a visiting model and focused on allocating a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals for each person in treatment.

A primary care physician, a nurse, a cognitive behavioral therapist, and a case manager will visit the patient’s home. They will provide their patients with all the addiction treatment services that would be offered at a drug and alcohol rehab center.

The patients who have an opioid use disorder are able to choose whether or not they want to receive medication-assisted treatment, which includes all the replacement substances they would receive at most drug detox centers.

One of the features of their home-based programs is that they include a GPS-tracking system to allow the specialists to monitor the patients and make sure that their reports are accurate.

The company claims that their approaches to treating substance use disorders are non-intrusive and comprehensive, featuring daily support and abstinence management by certified addiction treatment professionals as well as recovery advisors.

The founders of the company promote their home-based addiction treatment services with the tagline ‘We Bring the Care to You.’ They also advertise that the security, privacy, and comfort of a person’s home are the elements that make home-based addiction treatment services effective.

According to Dr. Ellen Lockhard Edens, an assistant professor of psychiatry and associate director of the addiction psychiatry residency program at Yale University, the services provided by Aware Recovery Care are going to be a significant part of the future of addiction medicine.

Other local addiction specialists have stated that the home setting is beneficial for the patients because that tends to be the place where their substance use disorder has developed or where they encounter elements that trigger their urges to use drugs and/or alcohol again.

The Vice President of Aware Recovery Care, Matt Eacott emphasized that the home-based drug and alcohol rehab services that his company offer are not as costly as most traditional addiction treatment methods and programs. Yet, their home-based services are not inexpensive — a year of treatment costs roughly $38,000.

The drug and alcohol treatment services offered by the company are also covered by private health insurance companies in both New Hampshire and in Connecticut. The majority of private insurance companies in the two states will either offer full or partial refunds to the patients with substance use disorders.

Representatives of Aware Recovery Care have stated that they are currently negotiating with several major health insurance companies to expand the types of coverage that they provide to the community.

They added that they expect their New Hampshire-based drug and alcohol rehab program to have at least 100 participants by the end of 2018.