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Substance Abuse Treatment in Buffalo Supported by Aerobic Exercise

Substance abuse treatment could be aided by aerobic exercise, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the University at Buffalo Research Institute...

Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Mount Pleasant Planned

There are discussions being deliberated about a potential substance abuse treatment center in Valhalla within the town of Mount Pleasant, New York in Westchester...

Drug Treatment Program in Brunswick Lifting a Community

A drug treatment program in Brunswick, Maine is gaining some traction in Cumberland County thanks to a partnership organized by Mid Coast Hospital. Mid Coast...

Mesa Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Extends Help Across Region

There is a new drug and alcohol treatment center that recently opened in Mesa, Arizona. The healthcare provider Footprints to Recovery has locations in three...

Drug Treatment Programs in Anchorage Tackle Meth Abuse

Drug treatment programs in Anchorage, Alaska have been working toward helping people recover from addiction to opioids and methamphetamines. One substance that has plagued Alaska...

Drug Abuse Programs in Boise Using Medication Assisted Treatment

Drug abuse programs in Boise, Idaho are helping people with opioid use disorders with medication assisted treatment (MAT). Idaho currently has four places that that...

Drug Addiction Recovery in Peoria Brings Community Together

An event aimed at supporting drug addiction recovery and helping people with substance use disorders brought together the community members of Peoria, in central...

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ashland Boosted by Program

The Police Department of Ashland, Kentucky has instituted a program designed to help the local people receive access to drug and alcohol treatment services...

Drug Treatment Centers in Modesto Need Additional Services

Government officials are in favor of expanding drug treatment centers that offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services for residents of Modesto and the rest of...

Berkeley County Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Lower Overdoses

Drug addiction treatment programs in Martinsburg, West Virginia have helped lower drug overdoses in Berkeley County in the first quarter of 2018. West Virginia has...
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