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Addiction Treatment in Dayton Through an App

Addiction treatment in Dayton, Ohio has recently gained a new app that will help patients find the right drug treatment services in Montgomery County. Preliminary...

Drug Rehab in Pittsfield, Massachusetts Features Recovery Coaches

Drug rehab in Pittsfield is exploring alternatives of substance abuse treatment by using recovery coaches. Recovery coaches serve as an alternative form of drug rehab...

Drug Treatment Program in Laconia Jail Needs Funding

A drug treatment program in a Laconia, New Hampshire jail is searching for funding as Belknap County Commissioners attempt to save it from being...

Drug Detox Center in Winchester, Indiana to Serve Women

A drug detox center in Winchester will focus on helping women struggling with substance use disorders in Randolph County. The drug detox center will be...

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Boulder Causes Division

A new inpatient addiction treatment center will be opening in Boulder in the near future. This week, Boulder City commissioners unanimously agreed to a proposal...

Substance Abuse Treatment in Charlotte: Focus of Summit Meetings

Two summits were recently held at the Charlotte Convention Center to discuss substance abuse treatment in Charlotte and the effects addiction is having on...

Drug Abuse Programs in Pittsburgh Educate Youth

Pittsburgh area schools are stressing the importance of prevention through drug abuse programs aimed at helping youths understand the dangers of addiction. After a...

Addiction Recovery Centers in Atlanta Will Receive State Funding

The Senate announced this week that policymakers in the state of Georgia are going to be moving toward funding and launching new addiction recovery...

Substance Abuse Treatment in Nashville Through Virtual Reality

A Vanderbilt University doctoral student in Nashville, Tennessee named Noah Robinson advanced substance abuse treatment implementing his own form of virtual reality therapy. The concept...

Addiction Specialists in Detroit Join Feds to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Recent reports show that there were more drug overdoses linked to opioids in Detroit last year than murders. The numbers have prompted federal agents...
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